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Rock Point

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16th February 2005

brend6:34pm: Oh man. It looks like they have done some updates on the website. Ooogle.

8th November 2004

behindthetimes11:09pm: The Rock Point Graduation CD that they've been giving out for a few years?

I think the students could make a better version beginning with the very appropriate Hootie and The Blowfish song "Time":

"Time, why you punish me?
Like a wave bashing into the shore
You wash away my dreams.

Time, why you walk away?
Like a friend with somewhere to go
You left me crying

Can you teach me about tommorrow
And all the pain and sorrow
Running free?
Cause tomorrow’s just another day
And I don’t believe in time

Time is wasting
Time is walking
You ain’t no friend of mine
I don’t know where I’m goin’
I think I’m out of my mind
Thinking about time"

4th November 2004

hyperspeed3331:38pm: rps
Sometimes I still have nightmares about time. i will find them!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2nd November 2004

behindthetimes6:51pm: What should this community look like?

1st November 2004

prettyredcrayon7:34pm: I just woke up. I just slept longer than I have slept in months. 500 mg of the old Seroquel knocks me out quite nicely.

Hi Rock Pointers.
roadkilledragon1:27pm: Well hello there
I don't know how many people use LJ, or how active they are in their accounts. It would be quite entertaining to see how many old and new students we could gether up.
Current Mood: cold
brend3:06pm: Rock Point is for pregnant girls.
This community was such a fantastic idea. Exciting! But how many Rock Pointers use Livejournal? We should round them up!
Current Mood: happy
behindthetimes3:44pm: Being First is Special
Welcome Aboard.


That doesn't look like the White House to me...
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